Kadar studio is located in Belgrade and for more than 20 years it has been gathering a large team of photographers, videographers, designers, creative directors, and producers.Along with stylists, set designers, make-up artists, and other professional collaborators who are an inseparable part of the well-coordinated team, besides Serbia, Kadar studio operates in a big number of our surrounding countries, as well as in Europe.
In a working space that is adapted and well equipped with the latest professional photo and video equipment as well as needed accessories, we can meet the wishes of the most demanding clients. We are giving our best to exceed their expectations by creating products that go beyond the bounds of creativity and quality.
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The professional activity of our studio is based on a wide range of clients, which include: marketing and production agencies, brands, companies, and individuals.
Together we create multimedia materials and products that are necessary for modern business and presence in the field of media, Web, branding, marketing, and modern advertising on every relevant channel.
The portfolio of this branch ranges from creative photography of products and food, e-commerce photography, fashion brands photography, to real estate photography, corporate events photography, personal and business portraits, as well as photography that is optimized and ready to be used on the Web. The whole post-production process is a part of another group of services we are offering related to photography, whether it is color, retouching, photo manipulation, etc.
Our team that is handling graphic design often has the task of creating a complete visual identity for products and brands. In addition, they work on the packaging designs of products as well as promotional material that will make your advertising and brand identity authentic and widely recognizable.We also provide our clients with graphic design consulting services.
 Recognizing that the video format is increasingly dominating every aspect of our lives, we have specialized over the past years to follow the trend sufficiently and offer the widest possible range of services and activities. That includes various types of filming, depending on the client’s requirements, for instance, promotional videos, filming of events, commercials, time-lapse videos, interviews, short films, etc. Video editing and animation are also a part of our portfolio.


Have a glance into the creative world of studio Kadar so you can get familiar with the products we are offering and get an insight into what we are capable of.


The greatestachievement and strengthis having a team of experts that fit in the same frame.
Darko Ristić
Darko Ristić

Coordinator - Commercial photographer

Creator of the Kadar studio. Mainly focused on the domain of creative applied photography with a strong emphasis on fashion, portrait, and commercial photography of products.

Vladimir Nenezić
Vladimir Nenezić

Real estate photographer - videographer

His sphere of work includes photographing architecture, construction sites, production of time-lapses, VR panoramas, and recording various video content.

Marko Risović
Marko Risović

Documentary photographer

Specialized in documenting important life stories as well as cultural, social, and political events. Also working on photographing corporate events.

Ana Verebi - Đurđević
Ana Verebi - Đurđević

Food photographer

An art photographer whose area of expertise is food photography. She is also known for creating and arranging various culinary specialties.

Ilija Pejoski
Ilija Pejoski

Videographer -video editor and animator

Responsible for creating audio and video content as well as recording live broadcasts of many different event types. Entire audio-video post-production combined with animation completes his work.

Zoran Trišić
Zoran Trišić

Creative Director - Senior Graphic Designe

He has more than 30 years of work experience in the field of graphic design, creation of visual identities and brands. Post-production of photographs and preparation for printing, make his work complete.

Milan Stanković
Milan Stanković

Studio manager - Photographer

A creative individual with an extensive portfolio. Inclination towards corporate, documentary photography, as well as web-friendly photography with a focus on art/design. Assistant and lead in studio-based projects and management as well.


Our clients have an ace up their sleeve. By choosing us, you have chosen quality and experience.